Crafting quality Australian products since 1979.

For over 40 years we have been passionate about doing – that is creating and making beautiful and unique products right here in Australia.



Arriving in Australia with only hand luggage and a few hundred dollars in their pocket, immigrants Roman and Mikhail overcame multiple hurdles to create a business that continues to defy the odds after more than 40 years of continuing operation.

From its humble beginnings where a lack of capital inspired ingenuity and creativity, the business has grown to become a recognised market leader in the souvenir and giftware industry still manufacturing most of its products in Australia.

Commencing as contract manufacturer “Moulding and Welding Productions” in February 1979, the founders used to go around Sydney looking for discarded bed frames which they would take apart, so they could use the angle irons to build their first assembly tables. At the start most of the machinery used in production was hand built by the founders, enabling them to create unique products not found in the market.

Ethical Importing

Our imported products and components are sourced applying fair trade principles. By working with economically disadvantaged producers in an ethical, transparent and fair manner, we are creating opportunities and better working conditions, helping build skills and capacity and promoting environmental sustainability.

In the late 80’s, inspired by a passion for Australia’s unique and special Indigenous art, the business became one of the first to introduce souvenirs featuring genuine Aboriginal art to enable international visitors to take a unique memory of Australia back to their homeland.

The 90’s saw a rapid expansion of product lines and a move into the wholesale market, cutting out the middle man between the product manufacturer and retailer made beautiful Australian made products available at an accessible price. This was also the time the business started to focus on “giving back”, assisting Indigenous artists to build their own business though the provision of subsidised products and business advice so they could bring their own art to market.

“We take numerous steps to minimise negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources.”

Being moved by the high rates of Indigenous people in custody the business also became involved in the work release program in partnership with NSW Corrective Services providing employment and training to detainees to assist with their transition into society at the conclusion of custodial sentences.

The turn of the century saw a move towards Modern Manufacturing techniques with a significant investment to modernise the plant and manufacturing processes improving safety, product quality and competitiveness of the business. In addition to growing market share the business started to export Australian made products abroad.

During our last decade there has been a significant focus on reducing the environmental impact of the business and to implementing fair trade ethics into everything we do. We have taken numerous steps to ensure our products are manufactured through economically sound processes that minimise negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources.

From more efficient use of energy (our move to the usage of solar power means we have reduced consumption of energy generated by fossil fuels by more than 50%) and waste management practices designed to promote recycling, to the use of recycled and sustainably sourced inputs and working with suppliers who are as committed to reducing the environmental impact of the products we make as us, we continue to ensure that the manufacturing of our products does not come at an unreasonable cost to the environment.